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Her Sacrifice Becomes More Glaring Today. Let's Not Forget Her!

Her sacrifice becomes more glaring today. Let's not forget her!

In 2014, a Liberian Patrick Sawyer flew into Nigeria acutely ill bringing Ebola into Africa's most populous country. He was in Lagos, a densely populated city of over 15 million people.

He was admitted to First Consultant Clinic in Lagos where Dr Stella Adadevoh discovered that Sawyer was actually carrying Ebola.

Sawyer wanted to leave the hospital but Dr Stella Adadevoh said "NO". Even when pressure came from the Liberian ambassador asking her to let him leave, Stella stood her grounds that " Sawyer was going nowhere".

She knew the catastrophic implications of allowing Ebola sneak into Lagos.

Sawyer became aggressive! He was screaming. He pulled his intravenous [tubes] and spilled the blood everywhere.

Sawyer died.

Dr Stella Adadevoh's exposure to sawyer while defending her country sadly made her to contact the deadly Ebola and this mother of one child gave up her own life for the safety of 170 millions Nigerians.

Stella's only child, Mr Bankole Cardoso said the outpouring of praise for his mother filled him with immense pride and "has softened the blow"

You remain our hero Dr Stella Adadevoh

Content created and supplied by: ChristLiveth (via Opera News )

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