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Causes Of Early Discharge In Women

According to Healthline", Regular lady part discharge is a sign of a healthy female reproductive system. Normal private part discharge contains a mixture of cervical mucus, lady part fluid, dead cells, and bacteria. Females may experience heavy discharge from arousal or during ovulation. However, excessive discharge that smells bad or looks unusual can indicate an underlying condition. However, here is the causes of early discharge in women.


Erotic arousal triggers several physical responses in the body. Arousal improves blood flow in the genitals. As a result, the blood vessels enlarge, which pushes fluid to the surface of the private part walls.

Arousal fluid is clear and watery with a slippery texture. This fluid helps lubricate the part during intercourse.


Cervical fluid is a gel-like liquid that contains proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids. The texture and amount of cervical fluid both change throughout a female’s menstrual cycle. For instance, after menstruation, cervical fluid has a thick, mucus-like texture. It can be cloudy, white, or yellow. Estrogen levels increase closer to ovulation. This causes the cervical fluid to become clear and slippery, similar to that of raw egg whites.

Cervical fluid discharge increases during the days leading up to ovulation and decrease after ovulation. Females may have no discharge for a few days after their period.


Vaginitis refers to inflammation of the private part, which can occur from an infection or irritation due to factors such as douches, lubricants, and ill-fitting clothing. Vaginitis can cause thick private part discharge.

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