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Pregnancy period

If You Still Eat Late Night Food, Checkout What You Are Doing To Your Health

Eating late at night is now a common thing in Nigeria and it has many health issues. In the course of this study, we are going to see the effects of late-night food.

Are you culpable of consuming late-night meals due to a busy lifestyle or are you simply fond of a midnight snack? These late-night eating manners could have an adverse effect not just on your body weight, but on your health as well. 

Eating late-night food can lead to many health issues like;

1. It may affect pregnancy;

Women are told not to eat late-night food because it tends to reduce the BMI in their bodies. And if that drops down for a pregnant woman, then it would negatively affect you and your baby’s health. 

2. Poor digestion; 

Poor digestion can make you susceptible to diseases. This is because your body is not capable of distributing the right nutrients.

3. If you like eating at late hours, you’ll not have the ability to withstand any diseases you are liable to. 

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