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Take these substances together to make your brain works better.

Palm wine is very common local drink, which is acceptable, mostly in every part of Nigeria. There is no other drink, that can be compared with this drink, in any area round the world. It's is much valued at any local occasions. People normally use it to pray for break through in traditional manner. Asides of the local or traditional uses. It is very good to take this type of drink.

Here is how to go about it: the only two substance needed, is palm wine and honey.

Palm wine works for brain and in getting wisdom when mixed with honey.

This is how to make it work.

Get a bottle, filled with palm wine or a cup filled with it, and pour some honey. But for the convenience of shaking, the one in bottle is better. Once the palm one is in the bottle like a bottle water, just pour some honey in the level of your satisfaction to it; Which already has been dissolved, with some little hot water; cover it and shake it.

Then wait for some minutes to drink it. To get the best results make sure to be doing it at least once in a week.

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