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This is what happens when you drink water immediately you wake up in the morning

Drinking water as soon as you get up from bed is a practice that some people do not carry out without knowing that it has a medicinal value that has been medically confirmed to be of much benefits to our health and 

Certain sickness and diseases such as body aches, constipation heart problems, epilepsy, uterine disease, kidney disease, vomiting, gastritis, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, ear and throat disease can be prevented and cured when we drink water in the morning immediately we get up from bed drinking. 

This is how its been done:

Drink 4 - 6 glass if water immediately you wake up from the bed before you start doing anything else.

If it is your first time practice, you may not be able to consume such quantity of water so it is advisable to start with the much you can and with time, you should increase the quantity of the water you take in the morning before eating. 

After drinking water in the morning once you wake up, wait for about 45 minutes then you can now brush your teeth and take your breakfast.

Most people drink water while eating or immediately after eating but it is medically not good because it makes your food to ferment instead of digesting.

Drinking cold water while eating or immediately after eating will coagulate the oil in your throat and when the oil gets stocked in your throat, it slows digestion process.

When it eventually gets to your stomach, due to the acidity nature of the stomach which does not blends with coagulated oils, it could lead to something disastrous which will definitely react and break down the body system.

You can only drink water while eating or immediately after eating except for obvious reasons of being choked be the food you are eating but in absence of that, do not drink water immediately after eating, wait for 2 hours before drinking water. 

Medically research has shown that practicing the method of drinking water immediately you wake up from the bed for this number of days cures the following sicknesses and diseases.

For High blood Pressure, practice this method for 30 days

For Cancer, practice this method for 180 days

For gastric Problems, practice this method for 10 days

For diabetes, practice this method for 30 days

For constipation, practice this method for 10 days

One spectacular thing about practicing this method is that it increases your urge to urinate and as you pass out urine frequently, those sickness and diseases are passed out too.

Another good thing about this early morning practice is that it is natural and has no side effects as there is no overdose to the quantity of water you can take because drinking water and staying active, hydrated and healthy are the secrets to experiencing a longer and better life.

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