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Hydroxychloroquine; My Candid Opinion

On Tuesday, July 28th 2020, a hashtag was trending on Twitter. Quickly, It was removed by Twitter, for violating their community standards. #hydroxychloroquineworks and it's sister hashtag such as #hydroxychloroquineisthecure and #hcqworks started trending after a Houston Texas, based Nigerian trained Cameroonian born doctor, Stella Emmanuel asserted in a viral video that she has treated over 350 Covid-19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and Zinc tablets with a 100% success.

Since then, it has been battle galore on social media, Twitter took her viral video down, while punishing every user that has anything to do with the sharing of the viral video, Donald Trump Jr was temporary stopped from making further posts on Twitter. President Donald Trump who joined in sharing the video quickly pulled it down having shared it to his 84 million followers on Twitter.

Permit me to say that no drug is 100% universally effective for all its users, some people treat bodyache with paracetamol, while others use warm water or something else as paracetamol doesn't work for them, what keeps one person at alert may sedate the other.

I am not a medical doctor, but the fact right now is that two group of doctors are “cracking” on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19. While they argue and counter argue, coronavirus patients keep dying. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. Before you take me on for confessing to not being a medical doctor, remember that in today's world, the rules have changed, One Medical makes a comment on coronavirus she was censored, rediculed, attacked and called a quak despite having corroborees, another person, not a doctor, Bill Gates, makes a comment on coronavirus his comment was allowed to trend on Twitter where Dr Stella Emmanuel's comments was actively and overwhelmingly censored. And I ask, between a medical doctor and a business man who should we trust and believe on the issues of coronavirus?

I have not carried out any test on hydroxychloroquine, but here are what I know and knows very well.

Firstly, big pharmaceuticals have the tendency to make life miserable for patients just because of financial considerations. If it has happened before, it can happen again! (Remember the Kano Nigeria Pfizer saga). Secondly, politics of American's 2020 elections is impacting on most decisions that has to do with coronavirus. Thirdly, politics of China and America and its allies is having a serious impact on decisions that have to do with coronavirus. Fourthly, Politics of World health organisation, to be or not to be also has its impact, while all these political and geopolitical considerations are fighting each other, Covid-19 unfortunately keeps killing many.

My candid opinion therefore is this;

One, If Doctor Emmanuel says she has treated 350 Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, and they all survived, let her go ahead and continue using it, and the doctors who think like her can go ahead and use what she is using, saving lives is all that matters, if you say hydroxychloroquine has negative side effects, I ask which drug doesn't have side effect? Even paracetamol has been proven to have a negative impact on the heart. Doesn't vaccines also have their own side effect? Then other doctors can as well use what works for them! People have been surviving coronavirus, what drugs were they placed on that made them to survive? Such drugs should be continued with by other doctors, saving life is much more important than all these debates on whether hydroxychloroquine works or not.

The second thing I know is that many countries have invested millions of pounds and dollars into coronavirus vaccines, and any discovery of its cure now will result in to a huge financial and ego loss to them, therefore, the cure must not be discovered until long after the vaccines are sold out and even if the cure is discovered, it must remain a secret until then!

The third thing I know is that there is certainly a cure for Covid-19, if there is no cure how did those that recovered from it recover? And if coronavirus can infect a person and leave the patient even without treatment, then what's the fuss over hydroxychloroquine all about? I say that coronavirus has a cure because it's written in the glorious Quran that “for every illness there is a cure” what I don't know is whether hydroxychloroquine plus Zithromax and zinc is the cure or not the cure, only the doctors know. Unfortunately in America today, there are two set of doctors; WHO doctors who believe that hydroxychloroquine is not a cure for coronavirus and Donald Trump doctors who believe that hydroxychloroquine can cure coronavirus, sadly enough, while they attack and counter attack each other, fatalities keep increasing. It is possible that hydroxychloroquine works for some and doesn't work for some, let's get to know why, is it blood group differences? Is it related to availability or non availability of certain hormones in certain amount? More research should be conducted to ascertain why many people get cured through it and yet it's seen as not being effective, let's make a study and find the degree of its efficacy viz a viz the norm, instead of throwing the baby out along with the baby bath water.and if it has too much side effect let's get to know what really are the side effects and who are those more susceptible to it, and how best those side effects can be mitigated, I know also that almost all contraceptives and abortifacients have one side effects or another, yet, the promotion of child spacing through contraceptives and abortifacients is still on going by WHO! There must be something going on behind the scene! If coronavirus has no cure but eventually goes, what about hydroxychloroquine serving as a placebo? And if its such a toxic and discredited drug, why was it not widely known as such, earlier before it was ever touted as a possible cure for coronavirus?

If the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid19 patients is being put on hold untill a detailed study on its efficacy and side effects are concluded, why would vaccines be put to use almost immediately and universally, without waiting for a long time detailed study on its short time and long time side effects?

On a last note I will say, if Dr Fauci and WHO says hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and Zinc tablet is not a cure for Covid-19 despite many patients recovery by using them, and many doctors endorsing it, and with huge testimonies, then let them tell us the cure for Covid-19, or at least put in the public space the drug that those that recovered were placed on, otherwise, I will conclude by saying”When the desirable is not available THE AVAILABLE BECOMES DESIRABLE." For now, in the absence of any known cure for coronavirus let the probable cure be the cure!

I pray this article get published. There are always two sides to a coin, and it takes two to tango, the prophet founder of Baha'i faith was quoted as saying and I completely concure with him" Through the clashes of opinions comes the sparkling light of truth."

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