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What To Know About Cancer And The Advantage Of Early Detection

Cancer is a disease that occurs when the body's cells grow uncontrollably and spreads to other parts of the body.

This usually happens when the body's normal mechanism stops working. The old cells instead of dying, grows out of proportion thereby forming abnormal cells which results in the formation of a mass called tumor.

What to know about cancer is that it affects people of all ages and it is a deadly disease that is ravaging the human race.

It leaves a devasting effect on the victim more especially as the cost of treatment is high and only affordable to few persons.


There are different types of cancers which are usually named according to where the cancer developes.

The most common types of Cancer for women are;

1) Breast Cancer

2) Cervical Cancer

While the most common type of cancer for men is called Prostate Cancer.

However, there are other types of cancers which affects both genders.


Cancer patients are now known to live longer lifespan after diagnosis and treatment due to the fact that there are improved drugs and treatment plans for patients.

Here is a list of symptoms to look out for;

- Unexplained weight loss

- Fatigue

- Pains

- Difficulty in eating

- Fever

- Skin changes or discoloration

- Tumor.

- Appearance of a new mole

- Headache, etc.

Treatment of Cancer

When an individual is diagnosed of cancer, the treatment plan to be carried out by an Oncologist includes;

1) Surgery ( mastectomy or lumpectomy )

2) Radiation

3) Chemotherapy

4) Drugs

People are advised to constantly listen to or check their bodies in other to look out for the early symptoms of cancer, so as to get professional help from medical Personnels when necessary.

It is believed that early detection is the key to survival from this deadly monster.

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