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Foods To Stay Away From If You’re Diabetic

As you’re fully aware, diabetes is a metabolic disorder that produces an elevated blood sugar level over an elongated amount of time in an affected individual. Left unchecked, diabetes can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, nerve damage, and cognitive impairment over the long term.

Thankfully, with physical exercise and a healthy diet, the disorder can largely be treated and managed. Remember, diabetics must read between the lines of their favorite brands, foods, and drinks, to guarantee they’re making the best possible choices for their bodies. Therefore, we’ve made a small list to keep many day-to-day diet decisions in the front of your mind.

White To Whole-Grain Bread

Contrary to popular belief, those with diabetes can still enjoy bread but need to be aware of the specifics. As white-flour based products have a high glycemic index, the American Diabetes Association suggests whole-grain bread in controlled moderation. Whole-grain breads contain a greater fiber content, aiding in glycemic response. Best yet, popular recipes like sourdough do have whole-grain alternatives.

Diet-Soda Are A No-Go

Diabetics are fully aware that sugary-sweet colas are off the menu. That said, even diet sodas can cause just as much harm. According to a Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology study, diabetics that choose to indulge in the supposedly ‘guilt-free’ alternative still risk diabetic retinopathy, potentially leading to blindness. It’s best to avoid the sodas altogether.

Avoid the Sweeteners

Unfortunately, even some artificial sweeteners declaring their products to be “diabetic-friendly” are exaggerating their claims. Tagatose and Stevia are two brands that are verifiably safe for consumption by diabetics. Others that are deemed unfit actually negatively influence insulin levels.

Low to High Fat Milk

When milk fats are removed in low-fat milks, that loss in flavor is negated by the addition of sugar. Therefore, low-fat milks may possibly be temporarily raising your blood sugar levels. Therefore, researchers from Sweden suggest a high-fat milk choice. High-fat milks have a low correlation to developing the disorder.

Skip The Coffee

Coffee for a diabetic is not inherently bad (assuming it’s black or decaffeinated). Nevertheless, even 250 mg of caffeine can jump blood sugar levels by as much as 8%. Like yogurt, do stay cognizant of coffee add-ins like syrup and creamers. Small servings of overly creative coffee drinks may contain more than 10 teaspoons full of sugar. It only gets worse with size.

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