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How Eating Bread May Lead To Liver Cancer

Cancer is among those dreaded diseases that have sent a good number of people to their early graves. The most ugly part of it is, it has no known cure and thus is a terminal ailment. 

Just the way there is no known cure for it, there is also no known cause for it but a number of things have been attributed to be among their risk factors. Risk factors are those agents that can increase the chances of this condition taking place.

One of these risk factors that most people do not know about is a phenomenon that occurs in a loaf of bread that is already stale and spoilt. Such loaves of bread would usually grow molds and some people would still go ahead to consume maybe by cleaning aside the mold.

Source: Health Jade

One thing a reasonable number of us do not understand is that these molds are actually very poisonous to our health and would possibly lead to liver cancer. The reason is that molds when they get into the body would produce 'Aflatoxin'. Aflatoxin is a toxic substance capable of leading to cancer of the liver and kidneys when ingested inside the body.

Instead of having your health put in danger, some cautions you may apply include :

1. Making sure you buy a loaves of bread that are freshly baked

When you buy your loaves freshly baked, there are reduced chances that they may get stale before the time you would like to make use of them but buying a loaf that have stayed long on the counter may have you risk buying it after it has stayed long in there.

2. Buying a quantity you can easily consume

When you buy a quantity you can easily consume, it would be easier to finish them before they get stale and start to produce molds putting you in a temptation of consuming them.

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