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Health Benefits Of Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning

Water is very important to our health. In fact, our body comprises of about 50% of water. This is why it is good that we drink water as often as possible. There are certain times of the day that your body needs water more. One of these times is immediately you wake up from sleep. It is important that you take water at this time as it is healthy for the body. Here are some reasons why you should take water in the morning.

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1) It hydrates your body : After sleeping for six to eight hours, most times, we wake up dehydrated. This is why it is important to drink water early in the morning as it helps you to be hydrated. It also helps your bowels to expel waste products.

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2) It helps you to be alert: Dehydration comes with tiredness. This is why it is important that you drink water in the morning as consuming anything apart from water at this time can serve as a shock to the body. Water can also boost your energy level in the morning and help your physical performance throughout the day.

3) It helps your brain work better: When you don't drink enough water in the morning, your brain may not be able to work optimally due to dehydration. This is because your brain contains 70% of water and this water helps in brain performance.

4) It helps you fight sicknesses and disease: Drinking water first thing in the morning detoxifies your body and helps your immune system to be balanced. Once this happens, your body will be able to fight bacteria better. 

5) It gives you a healthy skin: Since water removes toxins from your body, it helps you get a healthy and glowing skin. This is because dehydration can cause wrinkles and dark patches on the skin.

6) It can prevent kidney stones : Drinking water removes toxins from your body which can cause kidney stones. It also helps your bladder, colon and other vital organs of the body to function properly.

7) It gives a healthy hair: When your body is not properly hydrated, it can cause the root of your hair to become dry. Water helps to transport the vitamin your hair needs. Therefore, taking water regularly can improve the condition of your hair.

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