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Play safe, these 5 sexual diseases are worse than HIV/AIDS

Despite how hard the world tries to control STDs(sexually transmitted diseases),the death rate from infections keep increasing year after year.

STD are so dangerous that most times one can get it even without a sexual intercourse,while many believe that sex is the only way to get infected,it is advisable to know that oral or anal sex with someone who has an infection can get you infected also.

Blood transfusion,sharing of sharp objects and most times infected mothers pass it to their child during child birth.

Many youth and spouses are more concerned about HIV because everyone believe that's the most deadly infection but HIV/AIDS is just one of them,there are more deadly diseases than AIDS.

These 5 infections don't only affects the skin,it can also lead to infertility.

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Herpes simplex virus(HSV)

This is a deadly disease whereby unfortunate victims have higher possibility of having HIV as the sickness keeps surviving in the body.

This disease is of two types..HSV-1 and HSV-2.Doctors claim that the HSV-1 is less severe than HSV-2 in the sense that the HSV-2 is the higher grade of the virus.

But truth be told both levels of HSV are dangerous,victims of this virus are asymptomatic (they hardly notice any symptoms) especially in the early stage(HSV-1) and that makes the virus undetectable​, one can stay with the virus for months without noticing much symptoms aside from swell in the hips,buttocks and hips.

Using Condoms can prevent this infection and reduce the spread.However condoms can only reduce the risk of infection,in the sense that any outbreak of the virus can get into the body through areas that are not covered by the condom.

At stage 2(HSV-2) symptoms become more severe and victims might experience painful blisters, sores or ulcers around the affected area.

This infection is incurable,victims tend to live with it through out their lifetime though at stage 1(HSV-1),it can be treated and managed if it is noticed on time but at stage 2(HSV-2),the infection gets worst and it could lead to death and infertility.It can also be passed from mothers to baby.


This is a bacterial infection that is spread mainly from sexual contact.Having sex with an infected syphilis patient is dangerous because the virus affects the skin and symptoms are very obvious.

Aside from the fact that infected person would have sores and open wounds in their genital part,rectum or mouth,babies who get this bacteria from their mother before birth have high tendencies of going deaf.

Syphilis results from skin to skin sex or mucous membrane contact with this sores.Using condoms are advised but one can get it from having oral sex with someone who has the sores in his or her mouth.

Syphilis comes in 3 stages and the stages comes with different severe symptoms, playing safe with one trusted partner is the best option.

Hepatitis B

This disease is likely to HIV in the sense that one can get it from blood transfusion, sharing needles,child birth and unprotected sex.

This infection can be short named as (HBV or Hep B).It is a lifetime sickness so far medications are giving to patient to reduce the severity of the sickness, Hepatitis B has no cure.

Many infected People appear healthy but they can pass the virus to someone else.Its symptoms are not too severe,its rare to see sores or wounds around the genital,victims experience fatigue,nausea, vomiting,dark urine and Jaundice (Yellowing of the eyes and skin). Hepatitis B affects the Liver.

Condoms prevent the spread of this virus and so far unprotected sex is the major way of getting this virus, though it comes in two stages; Chronic and Acute.In the chronic stage,it can be treated and maintained but acute stage has no treatments, predictable death days are always giving to patients.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

The HPV infection doesn't need intercourse before it gets into the body,skin to skin contacts,anal and oral sex and also from mother to baby are various ways to get the infection.

Just like HIV and hepatitis B,this infection can only be managed and reduced by taken medications but the is no cure to this disease,it is life time.

Symptoms of this virus ranges from having warts in your mouth or throat(known as recurrent respiratory papillomtosis) to rapid growing cancers around the body like around the neck, cervical cancer and genitals.

In men symptoms can also come as bumps in their anus,scrotum or penis.

This disease is preventable by using contraceptive for any sexual contact.


This is one of the oldest STD and it's very deadly. It's symptoms in men are; having yellow discharge from penis, itching and burning of the genitals and in women they experience swelling of the genitals, itching redness of the vagina area,yellow discharge and high chances of pelvic infection which can lead to infertility.

This sickness is common, most people have heard about it.Some mothers who tend to have this infection during pregnancy days tend to affect the well being of their baby.Babies born from infected mothers have possiblity of having infection around their joints and this infection affects their eyes also,most babies are born blind from mothers who are gonorrhea infected.

However there are drugs which can reduce the growth of this infection in the body, truth remains that this infection is bad and unhealthy as many people have lost their lives from contacting this virus.

A little advice:

Patient who have this sickness are not different from normal people.Most times they even appear healthier than someone who is not infected.

Instead of judging someone by how they look or how fat and fresh they appear to be,it's always advisable to use the A.B.C rule;

A:Abstinence- Abstain from sexual contact if you are not prepared to face the consequences of contacting STDs.Its better to be healthy without sex than to be on drugs all the days of your life,this drugs are not cheap and many people die because they can't afford it.

B:Being faithful-Having one partner is healthy,there are less chances of getting infected if both of you have carried out a medical test before getting into a relationship or marriage.Even if you sex a different person, always conduct a test before meeting your partner.Its safer.

C:Contraceptive-Its better you use a condom and stay healthy than to have unprotected sex and spend rest of your days on a sick bed.

Condoms are cheap and everyone can afford it.

Let's make the world a better place.

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