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7 ways we Damage our Health, No 2,5,7 are common

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Today we'll be discussing 7 ways we Damage out health without knowing. Kindly share with others so they can benefit from this article.

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1. Drinking too Much Coffee

This caffeinated beverage will stain your teeth over time and can significantly raise the levels of oral acidity and lead to erosion of enamel. This doesn't implies that taking coffee is bad. But taking too much of it can be dangerous to your health.

2. Pressing your Phone all day

Spending all the time operating your mobile phone can be over dangerous to your health. It can host a lot of health issues. One of which is a painful phenomenon called tech Neck . We humans tend to crane our necks in unnatural position to work and play with our phones for hours.

3. Chewing of ice

Putting ice in your drink, isn't a bad idea but chewing on ice is the one if the worst thing you can chew down when it comes to your Dental Health. Chewing on ice can significantly Chip teeth and is damaging to enamel so make sure that you're only consuming water in it's liquid form. And for more things to be cautious of when it occurs.

4. You Don't wash your Face after Sweating

Even though over cleaning your skin/face could be dangerous. But still yet we have to wash our face after excessive Sweating. Because Letting your sweat dry up on the skin can irritate it and even cause inflammation, so hit the sink post workout. And wash your face off whenever your sweat excessively.

5. Holding Urine.

Holding up your Urine can cause a serious damage to the body, holding up Urine can actually weaken the bladder muscle, and the longer the urine stays in your bladder , the more your body is exposed to potentially harmful bacteria. We are all guilty of this . Especially during working hours where we have no choice but to hold the pee.

6. You Do not wear Socks

I know this sounds a little funny but let me tell you. Not wearing socks is actually dangerous on a low. Not wearing socks causes excessive Sweating which in turn causes the formation of blisters and the development of door and nail fungus.

7. You're Drinking Bottled water

If you're drinking water from plastic. You might be damage your body without knowing . This is because if you're drinking bottled water you are digesting microplastic that come off the Bottle and it's plastic cap.

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