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6 Foods That Deworms The Body Naturally

Deworming is defined as the method of expelling worms from the body via drugs. It is advised to deworm at least once in a year. However, there are some foods that can get rid of intestinal worm from the body naturally. These foods will be discussed in this article.

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Natural Deworming Foods:

1 Raw Papaya: It contains papain that works as an anthelmintic which kills intestinal worms

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2 Turmeric: It is a medicinal spice that eliminates parasitic worms from your body

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3 Coconut: It is rich in lauric acid which form into a compound known to enhance immunity. A strong immune system eradicate body worm

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4 Garlic: It contains sulphur which act as a natural deworm for children

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5 Carrot: Boost the immune system

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6 Pumpkin seed: It paralyzes worms and makes it impossible for them to survive in the body.

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