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10 Warning Signs Of Dementia You Should Not Take For Granted Before It Causes Severe Brain Damage

As they say, knowledge is power. This saying also applies to our health. Having a knowledge of the warning signs of some particular diseases can be powerful enough to help treat and prevent some diseases from causing more harm to the body or death in severe cases.

Experience from doctors shows that many of the diseases that have caused severe harm or death to patients have shown warning signs that might have been taken for granted or treated with levity.

Although some diseases may not show warning signs until they become severe in patients, however, the case study dementia often shows some early signs that may seem feeble or vague yet, if they are taken for granted they may cause severe brain damage that may increase the risk of other diseases or cause death.

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Dementia is a term often used for the description of different symptoms affecting at least two brain functions such as memory, language, behavior, thinking, or sometimes judgment.

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More importantly, dementia is not a disease. It is a mental impairment that may be caused by injuries or illnesses of different kinds such as Alzheimer's diseases, Parkinson's diseases, nutritional deficiency, brain tumor, immune disorder, head trauma, and cardiovascular disorder that may worsen over time or result in pneumonia or death depending on the state of the illness or the injury on the brain.

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Dementia is a common mental disability in old people yet it can also be experienced in teens and young adults. For this reason, these 10 warning signs of dementia should not be taken for granted.

1. Memory loss

2. Withdrawal from social activities/disorientation

3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks

4. Unusual difficulty in speaking and writing

5. Lose of ability to retrace kept things

6. Hallucination/paranoia

7. Mood swing/anxiety

8. Poor judgment

9. Paraphasia

10. Unsteady walking

Image source: Healthline

Although there may not be a specific treatment for dementia if any of these signs are noticed, however, get quality sleep, take vitamins, get enough vitamins, maintain a healthy diet, and engage in physical and social activities to manage and reduce the damaging effects of dementia. If these signs persist, quickly see a doctor.

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