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Why Women See Their Periods Twice In A Month

Some women see their periods twice in a month or sometimes twice in 20 days. This happens at some point of time and it is pretty normal in some cases and there's nothing to worry about. 

Periods are related to hormones and sometimes they mess up. Hormones are to be blamed largely but not always. Sometimes this is just an after-effect or overworking while sometimes this could be a signal of an underlying issue. 

Here are the possible reasons for getting your periods twice in a month:

1. Stress: Stress largely affects your health. Believe it or not, stress can trigger minor to major health issues and menstruation is one of them. 

Most working class women live a stressed-out life. A woman with a hectic schedule and poor lifestyle is highly likely to suffer from irregular menstruation conditions. 

Taking a lot of stress is one of the factors however this reason can be ruled out if the double period situation is frequent.

2. Hormonal imbalance: In some women, hormonal imbalance is the reason behind multiple periods. 

Thyroid hormone is one of the important hormones in the body. Its imbalance can also trigger multiple periods in a month. You must get your thyroid checked annually.

3. Excess Exercise: Exercising is good, overexercising is bad. When you push your body to produce results beyond the capacity, it would retaliate. 

Crash dieting and vigorous exercising are harmful to your body including reproductive health. Giving proper rest to the body is necessary.

4. Infection: Sometimes, it is not menstrual bleeding that you believe to be periods. The bleeding could be due to an internal infection or precancerous growth. Getting checked by your doctor is necessary. 

5. Premenopause stage: As a woman reaches the menopausal age, irregularity in periods is often noticed. Sometimes, they may not bleed for 3-4 months whereas sometimes they menstruate twice in a month. If you are approaching menopause, don’t worry. Also, maintain menstrual hygiene and choose the right product.

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