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4 Foods You Should Stop Eating Once You Are In Your 40s And Above To Prevent Sickness

Age is not just a number. As much as we may not like to admit it, as we get older, especially from age 40 and above, our body's biological clock keeps ticking. This means that our body starts wearing down and its functionality becomes less efficient with increasing age. Thus, it's not only important to improve and maintain healthy body functionality by indulging certain habits(health-wise) as we age but take all necessary precautions to avoid certain things that may deteriorate our health.

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Diet is one of the key factors in maintaining healthy aging. This is because diets are the main source of nutrition for the body. With increasing age, especially at age 40 and above, the body's need for some nutrients changes, and the ability to make use of and store certain nutrients(like minerals and vitamins) becomes increasingly difficult, therefore, certain foods need to be avoided or reduced.

Although it's important to make certain lifestyle changes with increasing age, one of the biggest changes that aging people have to make is in their diets. On that note, we recommend that you stop eating the following foods once you're in your 40s and above to prevent health problems.

1. Baked foods

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Whilst baked foods like bread, cakes, doughnuts, and biscuits are sweet foods, they are often rich in fats and added sugar that contributes to weight gain, poor dental and heart health. Eating baked foods regularly at an older age can increase a person's risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases related to aging.

2. Processed foods

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Common processed foods like sausage, French fries, pizza, meat pie, microwaved popcorn, and other fast foods have been studied to contain preservatives and additives such as nitrates, formaldehyde, and monosodium glutamate(MSG) that contributes to heart problems, high blood pressure, nausea, and cancer, especially in aging people.

3. Fried foods

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Fried foods such as fried meats, fried rice(or jollof rice), fried eggs, and so on contain trans fats that can raise your level of LDL cholesterol and lower your HDL cholesterol that may result in cholesterol buildups in the arteries(blood vessels) that can increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure, especially in your 40s and above.

4. Salty foods

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As we grow older, especially in our 40s and above, it's important to keep salt intake as low as possible to ensure that your blood pressure, heart health, and blood vessels stay within a healthy range. With increasing age, salt intake becomes increasingly detrimental to our health by causing stroke, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack due to the effect of their sodium content. Thus, canned beans, salted nuts, salt seasonings, and other foods that contain a high amount of salt should be avoided.

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Additionally, drinks such as commercial fruit juice, soda, energy drinks, alcohol, and sugary drinks should also be avoided to prevent balance problems, frailty, diabetes, and other health problems.

Remember to always eat right and eat healthily.

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