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Greatest Health Benefits of Honey

Man has used honey for food and health purposes for thousands of

years. Honey is not only delicious, it is very beneficial for our health.

Here are some facts about honey and its uses.

- Honey is also the only food known to never “go bad.” All honey will

crystallize over time, but may be reliquified in a hot-water bath or in

the microwave.

- It is proven to moderately to greatly reduce allergy symptoms by

taking it daily with other food or under the tongue. For this to work,

the honey must be from one’s region (usually within a 55 mile radius)

- is a website which shows recent

studies proving the effectiveness of stifling coughs in children to be

better than any over-the-counter medicines.

- It is known to expedite healing of wounds, even in those with

diabetes and poor healing ability. It has a built-in hydrogen peroxide

and is also known as a hygroscopic agent; meaning it absorbs

moisture from its environment. This hygroscopicity makes it difficult

for bacteria to survive in cuts and sores.

- Honey goes well with cinnamon on breakfast cereal. It is also

delicious as a topping for vanilla ice cream. Most everyone knows

how great it is with hot, buttered biscuits! It is a great syrup for

pancakes and can be used to make dipping sauces (eg:honeymustard)

more easily than sugar as it is already in a liquid form.

- Most bakers use it in their breads in stead of sugar because the

hygroscopic nature keeps the bread moist.

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