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Health benefits you can derive from eating chewing gum(See details)

Some might think eating chewing gum is habit to the general public but through research chewing gum had been a improvement to the body and health in general.

Chewing increase saliva flows which helps in washing away harmful sugars, food debris and decay causing acid from your mouth. It can fight bad breath, fight plague, prevent stain and protect against cavities and tooth decay once your chewing gum is SUGAR FREE.

Below are more health benefits of chewing gum

1. Chewing can reduce tension because of the rhythmic motion of the gum chewing can help lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol which makes you feel calmer and relaxed.

2. Chewing gum boost memory by increasing blood flow to the brain which enhance your memory and cognitive development

3. It also increase sight and focus and also suppress appetite because it makes you eat less and prevent overeating which may help you loss weight.

4. It also protect teeth and helps ciggarrette smokers quit. It relieves dry mouth and improve eating habit, breath and fight nausea.

Sugar free chewing gum are much more helpful to the health.

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