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Do Not Eat Before Your Bedtime If You Have This Health Condition

A lot of people love to take their night meals at different times of the night. Some would say they prefer 7pm, some 8pm while some others would love to leave it till it's very late. Among the reasons they usually give is that they do not want to start feeling hungry before day breaks and for that reason, they have to do so by a time that seems to allow the meal sustain them till morning.

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Over the years, a couple arguments have been provoked as to whether it is advisable eating late at night or not. Mind you, late at night whether late or early has to do with the time you go to bed. And for the reason of this article you will be able to know a medical condition with which you should never sleep after eating. To. sleep after meals would end well for a lot of people but usually disastrous for people with this medical condition. It is a condition known an Acid reflux. It is also known as 'Gastroesophageal reflux disease'. 

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This occurs when contents of the stomach, especially the gastric acid is regurgitated into the throat.

The symptoms usually include heartburn, difficulty swallowing, dental erosion.

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If you often have any of these symptoms then you should consider not going to bed immediately after your meals, especially the heavy ones like 'fufu', 'garri', etc. This is because lying down after eating can easily lead to regurgitation of this acid. It is more advisable to eat like 3hours before going to bed if you are having the medical condition known as 'Acid reflux'.

With this, it can be much comfortable managing such a medical condition without living in constant pain and discomfort. For every problem, there is a solution.

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