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Health Benefits of Egusi melon seed

Egusi a popular delicacy enjoyed mostly by African folk this soup is often accompanied with fufu, eba akpu or pounded yam and so on, Egusi is botanically called colocynthis and it belong to the family cucurbitaceae and it is knowed by various names such as pumkin seeds vine , Sodom plant , bitter apple colocynth or desert gourd. Here are the health benefits gotten from Egusi

*skin improvement: with the help of vitamin E and other nutrients found in Egusi,it helps improve improves the skin making it healthy and prevent aging due to the presence of alpa-tocopherol which helps reduce wrinkles dry skin and so on.

*Aids digestion and vision :Egusi contain dietary fiber which aid easy digestion which help prevent rising issues like constipation. vitamin A found in Egusi helps improve eye sight

* reduce inflammation methanol which is extracted from melon is used traditionally as medicine for swelling and analgesic, the extracted methanol helps regulate serotonin which is released by the blood platelets to the inflamed vessel in the body which affects the immune system which are resident in the area of inflammation there by promoting the accumulation of neutrophils which helps fight infections .

Healthy heart: Egusi is rich in high unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficially to the heart as it helps reduce the chances of heart diseases by reducing cholesterol which are bad to the heart.          

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African Egusi colocynthis cucurbitaceae


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