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Tips that can save you, if you get exposed to HIV.

Human Deficiency Virus, HIV is a dreadful virus that can be transmitted through blood transfusion and if appropriate steps are not quickly taken after one contracts the virus, it will lead one to death. Since the virus which is also founds in apes was discovered in human body in the early 80s, it has been spreading and killing people all over the world. Millions of people are living with the virus today, thank God for Anti-retrovirus drug that gives the carriers of the virus the second chance to live their normal lives again. 

HIV has no cure as of today, although there are drugs that can help in suppressing it in human body and this helps in prolonging the carriers of the virus lives. Drugs that can cure the disease are still under clinical trial, which will be due for launch in 2030.

There is still a drug that can prevent one from contracting the virus even if one eventually gets exposed to the virus. If one doesn't trust his/her partner, it will be advisable for the person to use PREP for the virus prevention. PREP is a drug recently launched to prevent the spread of HIV by World Health Organization, WHO. It's 99% safe if one takes PREP 72 hours before having an unprotected sex. 

One can still be safe if HIV positive partner has taken the Anti-retroviral drugs for six months before the sex. If HIV positive person takes this drug for that specified months, the person won't be able to transmit the virus again because it has been suppressed. It takes the Anti-ritroviral drugs six months to suppress the virus in human body. 

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