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My story:From being a pastor's daughter to becoming a "runs girl" (FICTION).

Note that this is purely fiction, inspired by the will to advise young girls to be careful of their associations, and to never trust anyone. Read on.

I was brought up in a family of four, my dad, mum, brother and I. My dad was an elder in the church, but later became a pastor, an assistant pastor though. He brought us up with a strict hand, and in the way of the Lord. We grew up to be obedient, pious and respectable people, both in our church and neighborhood. I joined the choir, and later became the youth's Vice president of our church. This was while I was still in Senior secondary School.

When I was in SS2, my dad passed away, he died in an accident, leaving my small brother and I in the care of my mother. After some months, we began to feel the effect of my dad's death, because life suddenly became difficult. We resorted to hawking food, because my mom had no job at that time. Our friends and relatives abandoned us to our fate, they refused to offer even the slightest of help. I began to imagine how life could suddenly go hard on us, notwithstanding our belief and faith in God. I began to even doubt God.

All this while, my W.A.E.C was at stake, because there was no money to register. The proceeds we made from the okpa and pap we hawk was too meagre, only enough to feed ourselves. W.A.E.C came and passed and I didn't register, it was heartbreaking, I was disappointed and dejected. I saw my hope of becoming a pilot shattered. I questioned God, all these years of our serving you, keeping your commandments, helping the poor and all that, yet you forsake us.

My mom was beginning to lose herself, she later got a job, a job with a private school. They employed her to take care and ahead clean the lavatories, school environment and the school garden. She had no choice, after all, the payment was there times and half of what we get from our monthly hawking earnings. My brother, who was already out of school joined her in doing those jobs. I did the hawking alone, until one day, the day that changed my life from bad to worst, and from sorrow to agony . That day, I was hawking when a man called upon me, bought some pap and told me to follow him to his house down the street, to collect my money. I innocently followed him, we entered the gate, I waited while he went upstairs to bring the money. He later called me from up to come and collect my money. I choicelessly went upstairs, and before I knew it, he was on me. Beign stronger than I was, my struggling was in vain, he succeeded in raping me. He succeeded in deflowering me. I wept, I cried.

He later gave me ₦12,000, apologized and asked me to leave. I couldn't proceed to continue with my sales, so with much pains, I went home. On one hand, I was bitter, not only did I lose my virginity, I was also taken undue advantage of, on the other hand, I felt a bit elated, I don't think I have ever touched that huge sum, and so the thought of having such amount of money made me, I'd say happy. I lied to my mom that I met a friend who dashed me the money upon seeing my condition. My mom unconvincingly took the money and bought more food-stuffs, the most necessary thing at that point in time. Days went by, and weeks, the signs of pregnancy began to manifest in me, my mom noticed it and took me to the local store for a test.

I tested positive, naive as I was, I didn't fully understand what I was up against, neither did I understand the implication of what I brought upon myself. My mom, out of frustration and anger beat the hell out of me, without thinking twice, she threw me out of her house, our house rather. She didn't even care to interrogate out question how it came about, she felt I have let the family down. I wouldn't blame her, she did what she did to preserve her dignity, and the family's dignity. I took myself and my few clothes to the man's house, the man who raped me. To my surprise, he received me.

Long story cut short, he took me for an abortion. A week after the abortion, he introduced a woman to me, who he claimed to be his sister. He told me I'll follow her out of the country, so that I'll further my education. This news filled me with joy, the thoughts of going back to school made me see happiness that I hadn't seen in a while. Little did I know that I was beign sold.

The woman took me to her house, where I met different girls, of different ages and of different races. They were used by the woman to fetch money. Upon realizing this, I felt like dying, what's there to live for in life again?, I'd ask myself. I couldn't do anything, hopeless and helpless I was. In summary, men started to sleep with me, different kinds of men, when they finished, they'd pay huge sums to my madam. I committed several abortions. It was painful to realize that my future was destroyed, it was more painful to realize that I wasn't yet up to 19 years. I've come to accept this fate, as there isn't anything else I can do.I advice young people especially the females to never trust anyone, never fall for sweet words, and material things. Always be content with what you have, with hope that God will see you through.

I hope you learnt some lessons from this, please like, comment and share. Don't forget to follow me too for more.

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