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Four Legged Woman That Gave Birth Through Each Set Of Her Genitals

Josephine Myrthe Corbin was never referred to as crippled and was seen as a natural beauty in Texas when she was born on May 12, 1868. despite being born a dipygus and was an American sideshow performer. She was just an ordinary girl with doctors who examined her after birth saying she was strong and healthy.

Physicians said Josephine's condition was as a result of her body's axis splitting during it's development which each pelvis yielding a pair of legs, a normal and smaller one which hardly reached the ground.

Between each pair of legs, there was a complete and fully formed set of genital organs.

Years later after she exchanged vows, she experienced fever, headaches,loss of appetite and pain on her left side of the body.

A doctor, Lewis Whaley determined she was pregnant in her left uterus but she agreed with disbelief.

She became very sick three months into her pregnancy and doctors recommended for an abortion. However, Josephine gave birth to four children later in her life.

A reliable source later indicated that Josephine gave birth through each set of her genitals.

What a mystery. Kindly drop your opinion and thoughts on this.

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