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4 Bad Habits That Can Cause Kidney Stones People Ignorantly Engage In

Kidney stones are becoming prevalent in our world today, about 12% of men or 5% of women in the US will have this condition in their lifetime. Research shows that if you've had kidney stones before, you have a 50% chance of having them again in 5 to 10 years. Kidney stones are firm lumps which form when waste products coagulated in the kidney

While smaller stones might not cause a problem, larger stones can block a part of your urinary system which will cause pains, vomiting, bleeding or difficulty in passing out urine. According to Healthline, there are some bad habits people engage in that can increase the risk of kidney stones, they include;

1. Not drinking enough water- People who do not drink enough water daily risk having kidney stones. Fluids help to dilute substances that could coagulate to form stones in the kidney. Drinking more fluids like water, coffee, tea and wine etc can help prevent kidney stones.

2. Drinking too many sugary products- Even though fluids help to prevent kidney stones, not all fluids have this effect. Drinking too soft drinks sweetened with sugar can increase the excretion of uric acid, calcium and oxalate which can result in the formation of kidney stones.

3. Eating too much animal protein and salt- People who eat too much animal protein like meat, fish, dairy and poultry puts themselves at higher risk of having kidney stones. Too much of sodium contained in salt also causes kidney stones

4. Taking too much vitamin C- Studies have shown that the excess consumption of ascorbic acid contained in vitamin C increases kidney stones risk. While vitamins contained in foods like lemons do not have this effect, people who take vitamin C supplements and tablets put themselves at twice higher risk of having kidney stones

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