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Stop Doing These Five [5] Things If You Want To Live Longer

We Know Everyone is willing not to die, everyone is wishing for longer life, everyone wants to see their grandchildren, their great grand children and so on. The truth is that every human on earth would die one day, we would all leave this place called earth because it's not our father's land, when I mentioned father you know I meant God.

Sometimes some people are actually the cause of their own death. You ask me how? OK. Do you know that almost 60% of what we take into our body are harmful to most of our internal delicate organs? No you don't. It's not everything you see that goes in your mouth.

Think about the cause of some natural death they are mostly health related cases, which they didn't take caution of the their earlier stage of life.

Now, I would be showing you the five things that you should stop doing if you want to live longer.

1. Stop Eating Mainly Processed Foods

Very important, that's why it's made number one you should be very cautious of this. Eating processed foods affects most of the internal vital organs like your kidney and liver. If you have been on this medication, please stop the bad habit.

2. Stop Keeping to Yourself

If you Keep what's on your mind to your self, you are just getting your self a death warrant. Do you know that happiness tends to keep you longer on earth? When you keep to yourself you would always be pondered about it, why not let it out to someone you trust, be happy and live long.

3. Stop Letting Fear (or Denial) Keep You From Being Healthy

That feeling of getting denied when you are to ask someone a question, that feeling of fear, fear also accounts for more deaths when you live in fear you live in agony, when you live in agony then you you bought yourself a death warrant. Living in fear would make you lack trust in the people you love, Remember never be afraid of denial for the fear of denial is the beginning of death.

4. Stop Cheating Your Night's Sleep

Your night sleep is the most important thing you must do to relax after a rough day. Keeping your organs at rest keeping your body delighted, many people find fun in sleeping, while others don't Do you know that when you don't sleep at night all your organs are at work this means that your body didn't rest properly and accounts for shortened life span.

5. Stop Sitting Still

Sitting still doing nothing, you just stay and you feel lonely, loneliness is an inappropriate act that no one should indulge in, loneliness keeps you away from all the fun in the world.

BONUS: stop Smoking for smokers are eligible to die young, never be on drugs it damages your respiratory organs and it kills the kidney, Stop Holding a Grudge, stop other acts that would lead to your life span shortened.


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