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See How I Used Pawpaw, Orange Leaves And Pineapple To Get Rid Of malaria and typhoid

My name is Godwin chukwu from Enugu state, I am 22 Years old from the family of 6 children. I want to share with you on how I was able to come out from the common disease and sickness a lots of People are passing through, After been to different hospitals, my father spent all he has just to save my life.

My lovely mother nearly gave up on me, She cried whenever She come to the hospital where I was kept.

I never believe that the malaria was just normal malaria and typhod that I use to know, I was as if something else has been added.

But to the glory of God one faithful day! A very old Man came to the hospital where i was staying to see one of his nephew who was operated of kidney problem. He came to where I was lying down after observing me finished, he told my dad from how I am seeing your son I believed he is suffering from typhod and malaria. My dad Yes sir you got it right, I had spent all I have on this but no solution.

He now said have you tried herbal medicine to treat your son out of this before? No my father said.

Okay go and get orange leaves, pawpaw leaves and Pineapple. Cook them together for 2 hours and give the tea to your son Drink. He should use it for bathing also for 7 days.


Recent experiment showed that these 3 herbal leaves extract contains anti-carcinogenic and malaria properties that are effective when you take them.

When it comes to natural means of controlling health issues, we often think of neem, basil, dandelion, aloe vera and mint leaves. The new addition to this list is these Mixtures that has medicinal properties. Even Ayurveda considers it an effective means to control a few life-threatening diseases. Though it might be difficult to consume leaves directly, it is advisable to consume it by cooking it before drinking the Mixtures.

1# Controls dengue fever:

when you Drink these Mixtures, it protect you from fever, typhod of any kinds.

2# full of Antimalarial properties

Antimalarial properties

While nothing has been medically documented till date but experiments suggest that these Mixtures extract can effectively treat you from typhod, fever and malaria.

3#IT Protects your liver from diseases

These herbal tea cleanses your blood by lowering the cholesterol levels

4# IT fight against malaria, typhod and fever in your body.

Content created and supplied by: Godwinforyou (via Opera News )

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