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Women health: Reasons Women are Scared of Multiple Pregnancy

Apart from financial demands and health risk factors, there are several other reasons some women do not like mulple pregnacy.

From conception to birth, the feelings and the time required to carry multiple pregnancy is not the same with that of single pregnancy. In a clearer sense, what I am trying to say is that; multiple pregnancy is more challenging than a single pregnancy. However, some people will disagree with this line of thought but it is not a bad idea to oppose this line of thought as pregnancy itself is a mystery, no one can predict absolutely what would happen during a particular pregnancy.

Any pregnancy with more than one fetus is refer to as multiple pregnancy, this can be twins (2 fetuses), triplet (3 fetuses), quadruplets (4 fetuses), quintuplets (5 fetuses) etc. Apart from the pregnancy symptoms, the big and protruded tommy of any woman with multiple pregnancy will always calls attention and prompt you to assist her if sighted engaging in any strenuous activities.

If asked ten women randomly, how many out of them want twins or triplet; eight out of ten would say yes, multiple babies are lovely and everyone want it but everyone is afraid of the big bump and stress.

Multiple pregnancy can happen naturally or be made possible through other means either by the use of ovulation stimulation drug or IVF, but what makes most women have second thought concerning twins, triplet or other multiple babies is the big elongated tommy associated with multiple pregnancy.

Either single or multiple pregnancy, both are challenging; but it only depends on individual, some women find single pregnancy more challenging than multiple pregnancy and vice versa.

However, the pregnant woman with big tommy deserves more accolades because of the work done and the discomfort which the shooting stomach will caused them as they journey through the pregnancy period, this is scary for most women.  

Pregnancy is the time for the spouse to provide all-round support for his partner, this will help cushion the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy.

As a pregnant woman, all you need right now is to be strong for yourself and for the baby, avoid sitting at a point for a longer period of time to prevent swollen legs or oedema. It is important to find the best sleeping position each night as the pregnancy progresses, support your bump with pillow to feel more comfortable and have happy night sleep. A moderate exercise is good for your body as it strengthens you and allows blood flow to your system. It is completely important to listen to your doctor’s advice as he/she guide you through this happy and unique moment.

In conclusion, pregnancy is a mystery but no woman should suffer or die while bringing life to the world, all that is needed is proper care and prayer. Much love for the women, Wish all pregnant women safe delivery.


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