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3 main reasons why people talk bad about others

3 Main Reason Why People Talk Bad About Others

We all know a bad mouthers, The person who says something nasty about nearly everyone at the office, the member of your extended family who insults everyone regardless of relatedness, or the guy in your local community who capitalizes on every opportunity to share how stupid, inept, and hypocritical someone else is. I'm Joseph Uchechukwu, please ensure to click on the follow button to get more article on parental/relationship advice. Bad mouthers are out there and they have teeth.

As members of a species that so strongly values trust, agreeableness, and reciprocal alto urn , it makes you wonder: How do these people get away with it? What is it about the social strategy of bringing others down that works?

Why Bad Mouthing Exists

Bad mouthing can only endure if it’s effective leading to beneficial social outcomes for the bad mouthers. And, for better or worse, a great deal of research has shown that Machiavellian behavior such as bad mouthing often does lead to success in various domains, such as the worlds of mating or the workplace.

Following are three reasons that a bad mouthing social strategy exists, in spite of its obviously unpleasant nature:

1. Bad mouthing is a route to social power.

By gaining a reputation as someone who will throw his or her own mother under the bus, a bad mouthers can gain social power via creating a fearful environment. It’s socially risky to mess with bad mouthers and they capitalize on this fact.

2. Bad mouthers exude confidence, a basic catalyst to social success.

Confidence leads to success across a variety of life domains often regardless of whether it is warranted. And a strategy of putting others down often goes hand in hand with conspicuous displays of confidence. 

3. Bad mouthers may find themselves in leadership positions.

Putting others down as a strategy toward benefiting oneself may well turn up leadership opportunities which increase the power of the bad mouthers. Kinder Routes to Social Success. There are other paths to success: Kind qualities, for example, are consistently found to be as important in social partners, evident in human populations across Various forms of pro social behavior are foundational to who we are.

Does it pay to be someone who gains social power by creating a social world of fear and intimidation? Yes, it can. But are there other routes to social success, such as building others up rather than tearing them down? Absolutely.

Next time you talk with the bad mouthers in your life, think twice about empowering him or her. Remember: Other oriented behavior is ultimately the foundation that human social behavior rests upon

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