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The secret of death and what we can do to stop death.

Death is inevitable and it marks the end of life. Every existing objects that breathes must pass through death. It is the end product of life.

Many have researched about death and not just find out any solution to death.

Death came into the world through one man. Since death came through one man, how can we stop death. We can do the following to stop death;

1. Know the truth : Bible recorded that it is only truth that can Set us free. The truth is that God is life and when you know God and follow him, you will not see death. Enouch and Elijah did not see death because they know the truth.

2. Prohibition of sin: sin is death because Bible says that the wages of sin is death. It is the sin that brought death into the world and the best way to stop is to prohibit sin. Sin means sickness internal nature.

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