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Did you know that taking of sugar is not the cause of diabetes? Here are the real causes

Did you know that taking of sugar is not the cause of diabetes?

 Many people as unknowingly concluded that eating of sugar is the cause of diabetes because a diabetic patient usually has an increase in his or her blood glucose, Unknown to them that they are other causes of this disease. 

Here are some of the causes of diabetes that many do not know, and as a result take them for granted

1. Increasing Age: As the human body begins to age, it becomes easier for diseases to get into the body because the white blood cells that fight these illnesses are also getting wicker

2. Obesity: this means when one is over fat that is excessively fat. People that are obese has a high tendency of getting diabetes

3. Eating late at night: we are being advised to eat early before going to bed because it takes time for our food to digest. And when food does not digest it could cause diabetes.

4. Bad Diet: this is one of the major causes of diabetes and also the one most people take for granted. When you are on a balance diet, you have a tendency to live a healthy life. But when you take the wrong combination of food, thinking you are enjoying yourselves just as most teenagers and youths of today do. You have a high tendency of getting diabetes

Here are some of the symptoms of diabetes

1. Increased thirst: when one is thirsty he or she needs water. But when one urinates excessively, which would lead to loss of water in the body causing the person to be dehydrated and leading the person to demand for more water than usual, this is a sign of diabetes

2. Feeling hungry all the time: people with diabetes always feel hungry all the time based on the fact that they don’t get enough energy from the food they eat, so they have to eat more to at list generate more energy.

3. They feel very tired: based on the fact that they could not get enough energy from the food they eat, that is insufficient sugar moving into the body’s cells, they feel very tired easily. 

4. Burry vision: This can affect one or the both eye of the diabetes patient and if not treated on time could lead to permanent loss of vision.

5. Wounds and cuts slowly healing: slow healing of wound increase the risk of infection. And this is as a result of high level of sugar in the blood

6. Yeast infection and itching

7. Patches of dark skin on your body

8. Pain in the feet or hands

9. Urinating frequently.

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