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"Depression" illustrated by various artists

Depression is a negative state of mind, when one is at his lowest moods. There are different causes of depression, among these mental health issues, a feeling of being unwanted, unloved, loneliness, inability to stop thinking of the past, seeing no point in life, seeing no hope for the future, and so on.

Depression is a state of mind no one wishes to enter, it is not desirable in any way, and if you know someone who is passing through such a phase, endeavor to do your best to get him or her out of it.

The following are illustrations of depression by different artists, and you can't help but feel sad and relate the pictures to what depression truly means.

Depression causes one to sink inside him/herself.

Depression gives one clouded thoughts.

Depression is a messed up ocean of the mind, one drowns in it.

Depression makes people to smile outwardly, meanwhile they're dying inwardly.

Depression is like a cancer of the mind.

Depression causes one to have negative thoughts all the time.

Depression is a breakdown of the soul, the mind, and then the body.

Depression is mental pain.

If you're depressed, talk to someone. Get help today, don't wait till tomorrow. Stop dying on the inside. May you get all the love you need.

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