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5 Health Mistakes You Should Stop Making Once You Clock 45 and Above

Old age is one stage in everyone's lives that almost every part of his/her body goes back to its fragile state like when he or she was a kid. This is when we should avoid certain mistakes that could harm us and adopt rules that benefit health.

The age of 45 is not old age, it is the beginning of old age onset in the country. At this stage, every body should try as much as possible to stick to certain rules and stop making these 5 health mistakes.

1. Not checking Blood Sugar Level

Because of the increased rate at which processed sugary goods are growing, almost everyone has taken a large percentage of sugary foods.

At young age, you can take sugar in large quantities and when old age comes, it might eventually take a toll on your health.

This is why people at 45 and above should start checking their blood sugar at least on a monthly basis. This is because Diabetes is a chronic disease that is more prone to older people and is caused as a result of excess sugar.

2. Not checking Blood pressure level

Another type of test you should not forget to be checking is your blood pressure level. This is mainly caused as a result of either high cholesterol, excess salt, genetics or excess saturated fats in the body.

It is more prone to older people but it is not very dangerous when discovered on time. older people should check their blood pressure at least once in 3 months.

3. Taking excess sugar

As you grow older, one of the things that you need to reduce in your diet is sugar. It is necessary that you reduce the consumption of excess sugar.

This is because excess sugar increase your chances of suffering dementia, as well Diabetes which increases risk of heart diseases.

4. Adding excess salt to your diet

Salt is good but it should be taken in moderation, excess of it over a long period might lead to high blood pressure.

5. Eating junk Foods

In the aspect of food, you should learn how to remove things like junk foods from your diet as they pose risk to your heart and general body health.

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