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Bitter leaf farming and health benefits

Bitter leaf is also called Vernonia amygdalina.

It is a wonderful medical plant that works in a miraculous ways.

It is well grown in Africa and Nigeria country.

It can also adapts to any enviroment as long there is availability of water.

This plant also serve as a good sources of vegetable when well prepared and extraction of the juice

The bitter taste gave it the name called bitterleaf but trust me is really wonderful.

Health benefits of Bitter leaf consumption

1. It helps to fight prostrate cancer

2. It also help to relief stomach pain.

3. pneumonia which is lung disease causes by bacteria,bitter leaf juice consumption serve as an alternative cure.

4. Insomnia is an act of being sleepless ,prepare a vegetable made with bitter leaf and enjoy the meal.

5.It also enhance fertility known to boost the fertility of the ovarie on female.

6. It help to cure malaria

7. It cure diarrhea .

8. It help to reduce and hypertension problems.

8.Gallstones and kidney diseases.

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