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How To Sustain Plant Power To Cure Threatened Abortion, Menstrual Pain And Stomachache

The attempt by human to use plant product to cure diseases and relief physical suffering is as old as creation.

However, medical plant has been observed to be very effective in the treatments many diseases. Despite this, only few people are endowed with the practical knowledge to understand their usefulne

Meanwhile, traditional medicine is a cheaper alternative therapy, easily accessible and with efficient capacity to get the job done.

In Nigeria, plants are collected from the forest, nearby bushes, gardens and markets.

Here, our discussion will focus on the use of medicinal plant for the treatment of women related conditions, such as: menstrual pain, threatened abortion and stomachache.

We are going to make use of two different plants materials for the preparation of the medicine.


Common name: Tree of life

Botanical name: Newbouldia laevis

Local names: Akoko, Ogirisi.


Common name: Alligator pepper, grain of silent.

Botanical name: Xylopia aethiopica.

Local names: Eru alamo, uda, chinda.


1. The bark of the tree of life (Newbouldia laevis) is collected, washed and boil with Ethiopian pepper (Xylopia aethiopica).

2. The decoction is allowed to boil for 20-30 minutes.

3. Allow the medicine to cool.

4. Sieve out the juices and store in a safe place.

5. A cupful of this medicine is taken twice daily.

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