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3 Ways To Promote Healthy Breasts

Breast health all starts with you. It is important to always pay attention to every part of your body because you need them in total agreement to truly function as humans. 

As a woman, your breasts should be of utmost concern to you and you need to pay more attention to it as you would do to any other parts of your body. Neglecting or paying less attention to your breasts as a woman is of no benefit to you and nonchalance can lead to a breakdown of your overall health. 

Below are 3 ways to promote your breast health

Know your family history- make sure you know your family history. Do this by asking your parents and relations all the right questions and share this information with your doctor. This information could go a long way in helping you take preventive measures that could promote your health and save your life. 

Educate Yourself- make it a point of duty to educate yourself about breast and your type of breast. If you are ever told you have dense breasts, try to research and make a consultation so you can equip yourself with all the right information. Have discussions with your primary care physician. Ask if you need additional screenings? What are the pros and cons of getting additional screening for dense breasts? How often can you get the screening? 

Self-breast examination- it is highly important to do a self-breast examination. You can do this at least once every month. This will help you get familiarized with your breast tissues and the state of your breast. Make sure you see a doctor if you detect or notice any change in it. If you notice a thickening or a change in its skin, go to a health care provider so you can be properly examined. Don't ignore any changes.

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