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See 5 Foods That Help To Heal Wounds.

Burn or wound is cause mostly by fire or accident which people don't have much cure for. These fruits should contain vitamin C mostly because it's the fruit that help to heal the wound fastly. The body needs vitamin C to make collagen. Fresh fruits and vegetables eaten daily will also supply your body with other nutrients essential to wound healing such as vitamin A, copper and zinc.

1. Strawberry:

2. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich with lycopene, an antioxidant that is known for promoting a good immune system and protecting the body from oxidation that can lead to damaged cells. Eating plenty of tomatoes can therefore reduce the risk of wounds becoming infecting, significantly slowing the healing process down.

3. Peppers: It is known to disinfect the wound and stimulates blood coagulation, and scab formation. Black pepper not only disinfects the injury and seals the wound, but it also helps the wound to heal faster and lessens the chances of scars as well.

4. Eggs: Eggs are a versatile sources of protein as they can be incorporated into most dishes, including casseroles, salads, and pastas. Eggs offer an easy, effective way to build foods high in protein for wound healing into your diet. While eggs are a good source of protein, egg yolks are high in cholesterol, so moderate your intake if you have heart-related health issues.

5. Milks: Cow's milk, especially low-fat milk, is a rich source of calcium, which can play a significant role in the acceleration of wound healing and increment of healing quality. Calcium has an essential role in the wound healing, so that healing is known as a calcium-dependent process.

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