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4 Health Problems That Are Caused By Keeping Phones And Laptops Closed To Our Body

In today's world, the majority relies on technology in their work and personal life because it makes lives easier and better. Unfortunately, the use of these technology devices, especially gadgets like phones and laptops comes with possible health concerns. This is because several studies have shown that exposure to the radiofrequency waves emitted from these devices can pose various health problems.

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The rate at which gadgets, especially our phones and laptops, support and cause various health problems to our body is increasing daily yet, it's overlooked a root cause of several health problems.

According to the American Cancer Society, cell phones gives off a form of energy known as the electromagnetic radiofrequency (EMRF) waves that can increase the risk of various health problems depending on the distance of these devices to the body, phone traffic, and the amount of time used on the device.

With poor medical checkups in African countries especially Nigeria, awareness of the effects of these gadgets is a subject of national importance. This is because an average Nigerian man keeps his phones and laptops close their body like on their laps, in chest pockets, trouser pockets, and as alarms close to their head which may result in the following health problems.

1. Increased blood pressure

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According to PubMed, occupational exposure to radiofrequency EMF can cause a shift of the acrophase, changes in the diurnal rhythm of blood pressure, and heart rate with lowering of their amplitudes that can result in a significant increase in systolic blood pressure.

2. Brain damage

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High exposure to nonionizing energy, especially those that keep gadgets like phones and AirPods very close to their head or ears can induce changes in nerve cells and damage the structure and function of the nervous system.

3. Cancer

Although researchers are still not clear if radiofrequency radiation might cause be able to cause cancer, the heat radiation from these gadgets can promote cellular mutation and increase the long risk of term risk of developing cancer.

4. Tumor

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Based on the limited evidence of a possible increase in the risk of brain tumors among some gadget users, especially phone users, the International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) has classified radiofrequency fields as "possibly carcinogenic humans". It may also cause meningioma, glioma, and the non-central nervous system in other cases.

In children, these gadgets may cause headaches, eye strain, back pain, fatigue, poor sleep, and obesity if they spend too much screen time with their gadgets.

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However, this is not to say that these technology devices should not be used, instead, we recommend the smart use of these devices that takes advantage of their convenience and counteract the side effects caused by improper handling or overuse by keeping these devices at safe distance from our body while using them.

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