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Practicing these procedures may help to control Anger

Anger is a situation where one is upset as a result of negative things going on around or as a result of a cruel act being done by those around them. It can also be a situation when one tries to make a good improvement in skill, business, or academics but fail in the process.

Anger being a very unpleasant situation may have many effects on people's lives like depressions, acting negatively, acting unusual may lead to committing suicide and taking other people's lives if not properly managed.

However, the following procedure may improve anger management.

1). Stay calm: staying calm when one is angry will help to limit any negative act the person might perform as a result of depressions during the situation.

2). Talking to others about your bad experience: talking to others about a situation that contributed to being angry is good because they might have passed through the same thing, therefore giving you some guidance on how to overcome it.

3). Exercise or go for a long walk: Exercising when one is angry helps to keep them busy and relax the brain thereby reducing some mental stress and depression for some time.

4). Listening to music: Listening to music that one enjoys increases happiness and improves self-esteem, thereby limiting anger in a bad situation.

5). Don't overthink: Thinking too much about the bad experience one may have encountered may contribute to increasing anger and depression in their life.

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