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Onions Should Be Avoided If You Have Any Of These 3 Medical Conditions

Onions are some of the ingredients we normally add to our daily food to make it delicious but there are some health conditions which will not allow you to eat onions. In this article, I will list some of the health issues that will prevent you from consuming onions.

1. Heartburn

If you are the type of person that normally has heartburn every time you eat a raw onion or cooked onion, it is recommended that you avoid eating it because it contains some properties that can trigger heartburn or gastric reflux.

2. Bloating and gas

Another medical condition which does not allow you to eat onions either raw or cooked is gas and bloating. If some people consume onions in their meals, it makes them to have gas and bloating. It is recommended that you stay away from eating it.

3. Allergy

An allergy is another health issue that prevents you from eating onions. Some people are allergic to onions and eating them may cause rashes or itchy eyes each time they eat them.

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