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Werewolf Syndrome: Strange Medical Conditions That Causes excessive Hair Growth.

One of the world, strangest disorders is named the werewolf syndrome a health disorder that causes abnormal growth of hair over the body.

In so many cases this condition is treatable and can be managed. But some conditions have been found permanent, some have been diagnosed with permanent damage and a long time effect.

Werewolf Syndrome

"Werewolf syndrome," also known as hypertrichosis, is the excessive production of body hair either in one specific area or throughout the entire body.

The disease can affect both women and men however, the disorder is very rare. Abnormal hair growth can cover the face and body and can even form an ugly-looking patch on the skin.

Hypertrichosis can appear at birth or appear later on in one lifetime.

Symptoms of Hypertrichosis

The symptoms of hypertrichosis; according to Healthline hypertrichosis usually produce one of these three kinds of hair.

Vellus, the follicle of this hair is usually short and about 13inch long, they may be located anywhere under the feet, ear, etc.

Lanugo: this type of hair is very soft and fine, like that on the body of a newborn baby it usually has no pigment, most babies lose lanugo within a few days or weeks after birth. But hypertrichosis is present the hairs will remain until it is treated.

Terminal: the hair is tall and tick and usually very dark.

However, the disease is very rear but researchers knew the disorder runs in families, and in 1995 they traced the approximate location of the mutation to a section of the X chromosome. Men with the syndrome have hairs all over their faces while women have thick patches of hairs on their bodies.

Scientists believe that one of the reasons among others why the changes take place is simply because of a genetic mutation which is responsible for the disorder that causes people to sprout thick hair, though other conditions could cause hypertrichosis. In March a Thai girl with the condition got the Guinness World Record for the hairiest person on the planet. She won the record for the world's hairiest child

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Werewolf Syndrome


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