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"Which of your patient's death pained you the most?"- see Doctor's heartbreaking replies to THIS.

A doctor has asked his colleagues on Twitter to narrate the most heartbreaking death of a patient. Many doctors came under the tweet to reply this post with stories of the most painful death experience of a patient they have ever experience.

Personally, in my own case, it would be the death of a girl of just 6 years old who died from sickle cell disease. She had a sickler episode which left her anaemic. After several trials to try to transfuse blood to her, it all proved futile. She died four hours after admission. She was a regular patient who always visited the hospital and was loves by everyone. Her death pained everyone in the hospital especially me, who was then her attending house officer.

Most Medical doctors have similar experiences or even worse ones. Moving on from such traumatic experience is what they don't teach in schools. Below are screenshots of some other stories doctors told about the death of their patients. Kindly follow this page for more Gist. Thanks.

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