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FICTION: The Tomboy and her Bad Boy. PART 2

Part 2 of 6

The next day was a Friday and everyone was excited because of the weekend. Andre sauntered into his class and yelled, "TGIF!" But rather than a hearty "yeah!" He received a resounding laughter.

"Why the hell are you all laughing? Do I look like a clown to you?" He queried angrily.

"More like a loser." Someone from the back said.

"Ben, what's going on?" Andre asked one of his friends.

"Don't get angry boss, but somehow the news of you getting blown off by that girl has gone round. Dude, you're losing street cred real fast." Ben whispered.

Andre gritted his teeth, so it all boiled down to her again. Now, he was being regarded as a loser in his own school. He shook his head, if he was going up in flames, he'd drag her the hell along with him.

"I'm not a loser, I'm just a boy. And that ticked her off real bad." Andre proclaimed.

"What are you trying to say?" Someone asked.

"Duh! She's a lesbo." Andre replied and the class cracked up.

Meanwhile, over at St. Catherine's, Jo felt uncomfortable. People were staring at her. Usually, she got a lot of stares but this was something else. Do when she caught some girls openly staring and talking about her, she walked up to them and said, "What?"

"Uh, nothing." They said as they turned to go.

Jo blocked their passage, "I don't think so, both of you were clearly talking about me, so spill." She crossed her arms.

"Fine. We can't believe you walked out on Andre." One said.

"What? Who the hell is Andre?" Jo asked.

"Hello? Are you for real? Andre's like the hottest boy at St. James'. The dude at Zanny's." The other girl informed.

"Oh! That idiot." Jo said.

"Nadia's got her eye on him. You better steer clear." They warned ominously and left.

Jo closed her eyes and massaged her temple. The last thing she wanted was to get into feud with Nadia over anything. The girl was as vicious as a barracuda. She opened her eyes to see Nadia sashaying towards her.

"Think of the devil." Jo muttered.

"Uh? Jo? What was that?" Nadia aked, hands akimbo.

"What was what?" Jo asked, disinterested.

"Yesterday at Zanny's. I saw you and Andre together. I don't know what that was and I don't want to know but please keep off my man, you won't like the consequences." Nadia threatened.

"Wait, wait. Hold up. I don't even want him." Jo clarified.

"Liar!" Accused Nadia.

"For real." Jo persisted.

"Then the news making the rounds at St. James' must be true. You must be gay." Nadia laughed and walked away giving Jo a glimpse of a tattoo drawn on her hand that said "Nadia + Andre."

"She's got it bad." Jo whispered to herself before the full weight of Nadia's words sank in. "What the...?!"

The rest of the day, she fumed in class. It was pretty normal to be considered a lesbian because one was a tomboy but Jo was sure that that hideous pig Andre had started the rumor because she'd blown him off. Talk about a fragile ego.

That day, after school, she got home, greeted her father, changed her clothes and went to Zanny's.

"The place has a good ambience and I'm meeting some like minded individuals there." She told her dad as she left.

"Great. It'll do you some good to socialize." He said as he waved to her.

When Jo got to Zanny's, she saw Andre and his pack. They were laughing and he was smoking a cigarette. She scowled and walked up to them.

Andre took a drag of his cigarette and looked up. The tomboy was coming towards him and she looked really pissed off.

"Take it back!" She said, as she stood in front of him and crossed her arms.

"Look what we have here boys. The other day, she couldn't wait to get away from me now she's the one seeking me out." Andre said and his friends laughed.

Jo simmered with anger and hit her fist on the table, "I said take it back!"

Andre took a drag of cigarette, stood up and blew it in Jo's face, "I don't know what you're talking about." He looked at his friends, "Let's go, we're done here." And he moved.

Jo snatched his arm, noting the lean but unyielding muscles and his elegantly long fingers. "You made up an outright lie that I was a lesbian just because I blew you off. You better take it back or else..."

"Or else what?" Andre asked drawing his hand away. He could still feel the warm imprints of her fingers where she'd touched him and rubbed the spot.

"Or else I'll beat your ass." Jo said. Inwardly, she cringed. She was a pacifist. Or so she liked to think.

Andre and his friends laughed disbelievingly and Jo noticed that he looked really handsome when he laughed. She scowled at that thought and watched as the boys left.

Andre rubbed that spot on his arm again. Why did it still tingle? What was her problem anyway? He vowed to retract his lie the next week at school. After that, he wouldn't have to deal with her and troubles again.

Hope you enjoyed it. Part 3 is coming soon. Don't forget to follow, like and share.

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