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3 Medical Conditions That Can Be Caused By Eating Suya

Suya is a street snack that is prepared with beef and spices such as peanuts, ginger, cayenne pepper, and some others. It is very popular in Nigeria and it is eaten by different people of various social classes. 

So many people consume suya regularly but they do not know how detrimental it is to their health. Research has shown that eating roasted beef and lamb (suya) heightens your chances of dying from various diseases. Research has also revealed that people who consume the most red meat are 26% more likely to die of various diseases. That is why everyone needs to be knowledgeable about the disease it causes and reasons to limit it. 

Some of the health conditions that can be caused by suya consumption include;

1. Cancer

Studies have shown that processed red meat is probably carcinogenic hence it can cause cancer. processed meat also contains nitrate and high intakes of heme iron are related to cancer and cardiovascular disease. Nitrates and nitrites are added to meat during the curing process hence reduce your intake of it. Even if you want to minimise your intake of suya, try to consume it with vegetables to lessen the effect. 

2. Heart disease

Consumption of processed red meat can also lead to heart disease. Studies have shown that red meat intake can heighten your risk of smaller ventricles, poorer heart function, and stiffer arteries. All this can affect and damage your cardiovascular health hence about it. 

3. Diabetes

Suya, which is processed red meat, can heighten your risk of diabetes. The iron in red meat may heighten oxidative stress and increase insulin resistance. High levels of amino acids found in red meats may interfere with the normal metabolism of blood sugar, which can promote insulin resistance. All diabetics should avoid consuming suya. Even those who are not suffering from diabetes should. limit their intake of it. 


Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article.

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