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Medical Tests Men Should Go For If They Start Having Erection Problems

Erectile dysfunction can be a major source of distress for men, especially those who are hoping to start a family. It is important to take this condition seriously, as it can sometimes be a symptom of more serious and potentially life-threatening health problems.

In this article, based on a publication from Mayo Clinic, we will look at some medical tests that men should consider if they are experiencing erectile dysfunction. Read on to learn more.

What Medical Tests Should Men Consider if They are Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction?

1. Blood pressure tests are important, as high blood pressure is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. According to healthline Men with higher than normal blood pressure are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as healthy men.

2. Blood sugar level tests should also be conducted, especially if the problems started suddenly, as diabetes is another health condition that can cause erectile dysfunction. Testing for blood sugar levels can rule out undiagnosed diabetes as a cause.

3. Heart exams should also be considered, as some heart diseases may be responsible for erectile dysfunction. Men can also have their blood cholesterol levels tested to see if they are higher than normal, as this is another factor that can cause erectile dysfunction. It is important to have these tests done, as these health issues can also cause fatal complications if left untreated.

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