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Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Have you wondered why your weightloss diet and exercise plan have failed to get you that chic or gentleman size you always wanted? You wouldn't be surprised if you ate more calories than usual or had little exercise and your scale numbers climbed higher right? How about if you do all you were told to do and you still add more numbers on the scale? You may probably have become even fatter than when you started your weight loss plan.

Well , here are some surprising reasons why your weightloss plans have yielded no result.

1) Lack of sleep: Yes you heard me! Trying to catch up with spill over work and staying up late into the night can get you snacking on the wrong things. This means more calories for you and more weight gain or you probably are sleep deprived which affects your body clock and hormonal levels. Changes in your hormonal levels can create more hunger and that means more food for you.

2) Stress: When life gets really demanding, our bodies go into stress mode. Cortisol is a stress hormone the body releases during stressful situations which causes feelings of hunger. Out of desperation to quench that hunger, you may see yourself reaching out to a calorie dense sugar drink that is less nourishing but weight encouraging.

3)Antidepressants: Sadly, some side effects of anti-depressants is weight gain. Talk to your health practitioner if you observe the weight gain is tied to the medication. Do not stop or make changes without the knowledge of your doctor. Depression itself can make one desire food for comfort which means more calories, more weight.

4) Other Drugs: like antipsychotic drugs for treating eg bipolar disorder, migranes and even steroids like prednisone which causes fluid retention can be the culprit of your weight gain.

5) Family planning methods. The pill and implant for example have been reported by many women to cause weight gain. The combination pill may cause weight gain which could be short term due to fluid retention.

6) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS): PCOS is a condition that affects women in their reproductive phase. It involves several cysts growing around the ovaries which could cause hormonal imbalance. This condition can lead to acne and extra body hairs and some women find that they are insulin resistant as well. Insulin resistance can cause weight gain especially around the belly, putting such women at an increased risk of heart disease.

7) Menopause: Aging slows metabolism and this is a major contributor to weight gain. Around the time of menopause, some women find that they put on weight so easily. When metabolism is slow, you also burn fewer calories. Fat may accumulate around the body especially the waist and belly area.

8) Cushing syndrome: Cushing syndrome occurs when the body has been exposed to excessive stress hormone called cortisol. The fat are usually deposited around the neck, face, upper back or around the waist. Cushing syndrome can also be caused by conditions such as lupus, arthritis or asthma. The adrenal glands can also make too much cortisol which can lead to cushing syndrome.

If you are on prescriptions that can cause weight gain, its important to speak with your doctor before stopping or avoiding them. Remember no two persons respond the same way. So, dont compare yourself to anyone else and dont make decisions based on another person's experience.

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Happy health keeping!!!

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