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Breast feeding does not make the Breast sag, Here are the Causes and how to Prevent them

Breast sagging is one of the natural body changes women go through as they age. The breast contains mainly fat, glands that produce milk, and ligaments. These ligaments is what gives support to these breast, making them firm and supple and giving them their shape. However, with age, this ligaments relaxes and the breast fall.

There are some things that make a woman's breast fall, they include:

Smoking: Smoking breaks down the elastic in the skin which can invariably cause breasts to fall.

Big breasts: the larger your breasts are the more support they would need. So naturally, they would sag because of their weight. Gravity plays a large role.

Aging: as a woman gets older the ligaments weaken, hence breast will sag. The tissues which are responsible for it firmness tends to stretch out and lose elasticity therefore making the breast to sag.

Losing of weight: when there is a fluctuation in the weight of the body, it can cause unnecessary breast sagging.

Exposure to sun: exposing the breast to ultraviolet ray can also cause the breast to lose its elasticity and making them to sag.

Multiple pregnancies: when a woman gets pregnant, the breast becomes fuller and help makes breastfeeding of the baby easier. And after the baby has left breast sucking the gland producing breast milk naturally dries of. But breastfeeding doesn't cause breast sagging.

Ways to PREVENT Breast Sagging : 

 Avoid Smoking (it makes the tissues holding your breast to inelastic). Smoking can ruin and damage the skin around your breast.

- Choose Supportive & right sized Bra. The right bra just causes firmness to the breast.

- Periodic replacement of old Bra. A bra can only change the shape of the breast when it is worn out.

- Moisturizing your breast daily. Moisturizing and massage helps to slow breast sagging. Applying sunscreen can prevent the breast skin from damaging and sagging.

- Get proper nutrition (Proteins & Vitamins). Cultivating the habit of consuming healthy meals help the body stay healthy. Intake of vitamins C and B help build up supportive breast tissue.

- Exercise regularly. Working out is a great idea to help the body stay fit.

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