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Breast Augmentation Surgery: What You Need To Know About This Procedure

A breast augmentation surgery is the surgical process of applying breast implants; a prosthesis used to change the size, shape and contour of a person's breast. It falls under the category of reconstructive plastic surgery. Breast implants can be placed to restore a natural looking breast from mastectomy; a medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts partially or completely, or most commonly to enlarge the appearance of the breast through breast augmentation surgery.

According to an article published by Healthline, here is what you need to know before going under the knife for this surgery.

1. There are three types of breast implants - Saline implants; filled with sterile saltwater, Silicone implants; prefilled with silicone gel, Gummy bear implants; filled with silicone gel but the gel is more cohesive that is thicker and firmer.

2. Complications may include breast pain, rashes, skin changes, infection, rupture of the implants, cosmetic changes to the breast such as hardness. The most serious complication being lymphoma; cancer of the immune system.

3. The presence of breast implants present no constraints to breastfeeding, and there has been no evidence to support that the practice may raise health issues to a breastfeeding infant. However, breast implants may present breast feeding difficulties due to periareolar incisions.

4. it is impossible to predict whether a woman who undergoes breast augmentation will be able to successfully breastfeed.

5. Breast implants cannot fix sagging. Even a breast lift alone cannot fix sagging either.

6. Noticeable differences between one breast and the other are not only common but the rule.

7. There is no ideal age for getting implants but you must be at least 18 years old according to certain government guidelines. However, surgeons advice waiting until you're 21 when your breasts should be a little fully developed.

8. This procedure is not advisable for people who smoke. If you do, you will need to quit at least 6 weeks beforehand. Avoid aspirins and keep yourself hydrated.

9. Breast implants can be affected by pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and menopause. All breast implants eventually do drop and need to be lifted again. But when done properly and by a board-certified plastic surgeon, they can last a lifetime.

10. You will see results from your procedure immediately, but swelling and tenderness may make it difficult to accept final results until after you've begun healing.

Source: Healthline

Content created and supplied by: Georgiapens (via Opera News )

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