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One Thing People Use To Preserve Their Beans That Can Lead To Health Damage

Beans are among the most popular legumes found in this part of the world. They are rich sources of several nutrients like protein, fibre and minerals. These foods are often attacked by pests and insects who also desire to tap into their nutrients and when not checked, they would end up leaving us with nothing but mere chaffs. To not allow this take place, here is one unhealthy thing most people usually do. 

Source: 9jafoodie

They employ several harsh chemicals on our food to help annihilate the presence of such pests or insects. This always proves successful but the disadvantage is that the toxins in these chemicals never leave our foods. We indirectly consume the toxins whenever we are eating such foods. This is among the reasons the rate at which people suffer terminal diseases in this generation is increased compared to that of the previous ones. 

The presence of these toxins would give rise to agents known as free radicals. These free radicals would roam freely in the body doing nothing and when excess accumulation occurs, the result is oxidative stress. This is what gives rise to many degenerative diseases be it cancer, liver diseases, kidney disease and some heart diseases. 

A healthy way of preserving beans is by adding to it dried Cameroon peppers to saturate them. The harshness of the pepper would bring about an environment that is not conducive for these pests to thrive yet posing no potential health damage. 

Regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and green tea would also increase the body's antioxidant properties helping it combat the activities that would lead to oxidative stress.

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