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10 Smart Gadgets that have actually been created.

People all over the world especially Engineer just keep creating devices and equipment that makes life more easier and interesting for Man. Today with the help of Brightside we have been able to gather about 10 Smart Gadgets that you would even think can be created.

1. A Sonogram Belt for Pregnant Women.

A belt like bandage have been created for Pregnant Women to watch their babies activities before it born. All you have to do is place a bandage on the mother stomach and you would be able to watch how the baby grows, reacts to sound and moves just before birth.

2. A Projecting Bracelet.

There are Bracelet created by a company that when you place it on your arm, you would be able to access anything as if you were a device yourself.

3. A Iron for lightening hair.

Major made for women you can use it to increase the bright or contrast of your hair, it works very good for blonde women.

4. A Touch-Hear Tactile Dictionary.

This is a two way device with speaker placed on your ear and a sensory pad on your finger tip, when you touch that finger tip on a word printed in a book, it would scan it and tell you the meaning of the world. And no one around you hears what it ditactes.

5. A Brain Activity Simulator.

With the use of electrical impulses, this equipment would send sensory device into your head,and can make your relax easily after a long day, or increase your mood if you have been feeling lazy all day. It works in specific ways, Motivation, Deep relax, And so on.

6. A Pump extraction Kit.

In case of a snake bit, bee bit or poisonous animal bite and there is not a nearby medical facility all you to do is place this equipment on your hand and it would extract the venom.

7. A Neutrogena Therapy Mask.

With out the use of mask this device can help you fight the bacteria on your face or reduce your inflammation stress. Blue indicates bacteria, while red indicates inflammation.

8. A stop Insomnia mask.

This device is said to help people who have problem of tossing around and unable to sleep, experience anxiety and think about problems and now becomes distracted by external stimuli. The LED in this mask would glow like sun rays in the night and when you wake up it would glow blue in colour.

9. A Tile You can call.

In case you have missed placed your keys or important tools before, well suffer no more this device here can be placed on your keys or remote and can be called through your mobile phone in case you misplace them. You could also place on your dogs collar.

10. A Bra that detects breast cancer in an early stage.

Created by a Mexican boy who was inspired by his mother who almost lost her life through a wrong diagnosis. The bra would be able to detect signs of cancer at an early stage and then sends feedback to a PC app that can be downloaded.

Content created and supplied by: Akinsdon (via Opera News )

A Brain Activity Simulator Brightside Sonogram Belt Touch-Hear Tactile Dictionary


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