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4 Nigerian Delicacies that will Help Keep Your Weight in Check

Overweight is one Thing many people fear and this is something to be feared. Overweight has been linked to a lot of health conditions. Because of the numerous studies that has been made on overweight, people have ventured into taking drugs in order to reduce their weight.

Do you know that even some of the Nigerian Delicacies people prepare can help in keeping a person's weight in check without the help of drugs or supplements?

Well in this article, I am going to showing you 4 Nigerian Delicacies that will help keep your weight in check without the help of drugs.

1. Brown Rice with Turkey meat

Brown rice is a very nutritious rice in the body. It is a fiber rich whole grain that is recommended for the health of both Diabetic and hypertensive patients.

According to, brown rice can help a person lose weight and also lose belly fat. Turkey meat on the other hand are low in calories and high in different nutrients.

Studies show that eating turkey might be beneficial for people wishing to lose weight. Their low levels of calories and high level in protein makes them a perfect food for the body.

2. Unripe plantain and chicken pepper soup

Chicken meat as I said earlier should be your best choice when it comes to meat to eat. Preparing it in a pepper soup state could be perfect for maintaining weight loss.

Unripe plantain on the other hand is high in potassium and has been proven to be good for weight loss. According to healthline, it contains complex carbohydrate which is good for people trying to maintain their weight.

3. Brown rice with vegetable sauce

Because of the minerals in vegetables, it is an appropriate food for people trying to check their weight. Studies show that vegetables hardly increases the weight of a person.

As state above, brown rice has been proven to help reduce weight in individuals.

4. Okra soup with amala

Okra soup is filled with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help reduce blood sugar and help with the health of pregnant women.

According to a study by, they help in weight management and reduce a person's chances of suffering obesity.

Amala is a meal made from unripe plantain flour. It could also be made form other flours but it is best you eat ones made with unripe plantain flour as they help in weight management.


Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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